VISION 2012 is, literally, about transforming our future. In Charles Garfield's book about the process of organizational transformation, Second to None, he states: "The process of transformation is ongoing, permeates the entire organization, and represents a sharp break with the past. This break is the major difference between transformation and simple reform. While reform is an attempt to go down the same path more efficiently, transformation involves the development or discovery of entirely new paths..."

At this moment at UVI, we are transforming - not simply reforming - this invaluable University. VISION 2012 provides the guidelines for mapping our future and for finding entirely new paths. VISION 2012 is about working together for change, and I am committed to engaging all the stakeholders of UVI to make this transformation a success.

I invite you to discover for yourself some of the exciting ways this strategic plan will help change the lives of our students, enrich the Virgin Islands, and contribute to the intellectual and professional life throughout the Caribbean.


LaVerne E. Ragster, Ph.D.
President, University of the Virgin Islands

"By focusing on our students, our long term stability, our community and its economic future, UVI will play an increasingly important role in the lives of all the people of the Virgin Islands."

LaVerne E. Ragster, Ph.D., President, University of the Virgin Islands