Water Quality

Is Your Home at Risk From Environmental Pollutants ?

Has it Been More Than 3 Years Since You've Cleaned Your Cistern and Tested Your Drinking Water ?

Do You Throw Products Like Paints, Cleaners, Pesticides, Future Polish and/or Their Containers in Your Garbage or Pour Them Down Your Drain or on the Soil ?

Have You Noticed Signs of a Failing Septic System - Slow Drains, Foul Odors, or Soggy Soil Over the Seepage Pit or Leach Field ?

Do You Have Bare Soils or Do You Notice Valuable Topsoil Running Off Your Yard or Farm When it Rains ?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, your home or property " one of your most valuable investments " may be at risk. Activities in and around the home or farm can cause pollution that can harm your health and the environment. The UVI-CES Home & Farm Water Quality Assessment (VI*A*Syst) Program can help you identify environmental risks in or around your home or farm and recommend preventative, cost-effective practices to use before problems occur.

UVI-CES's VI*A*Syst Assessment is a tool that can help you conduct a complete environmental assessment of your home, yard, business and/or farm. The VI*A*Syst Assessment uses a simple YES or NO checklist of questions about specific topics. Depending on your answer to the questions, you will be directed to a matching factsheet that will give you more detailed information on the topic. The factsheets will also help you develop an Action Plan to implement practices or change behaviors to protect your family's health, your property values, and the environment. Simple and low cost individual activities go a long way in preventing pollution!