Image of Jackeima FlemmingImage of Jackeima Flemming return homeJackeima Flemming

University of the Virgin Islands student ambassador, Miss UVI Jackeima Flemming, was crowned Miss National Black College Alumni (NBCA) Hall of Fame 2021-2022 on Saturday, Nov. 13, in Atlanta, Ga. Flemming competed among 19 other contestants from other Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and is the third UVI queen to bring the coveted crown and title home.  

“I am happy that I achieved my ultimate goal of making UVI proud as a goodwill ambassador and Student Government Association president,” said Flemming. “I hope that I have inspired my student peers to remain resilient and rooted in the legacy of those before us. Despite the adversities, I am proud to say that UVI with its culture of student care and support made this happen. 

Contestants vying for the NBCA Hall of Fame title were judged in the following segments: personal interview; oratory, poise and projection, which included the evening gown segment; talent and question and answer. Flemming was selected as a top ten finalists and then as a top five finalists before being crowned Miss NBCA Hall of Fame. “I am proud that my HBCU prepared me to excel, and I can now use what was instilled in me, as a national ambassador for all HBCU’s, added Flemming.   

Image of Jackeima Flemming return home

On behalf of the Office of Student Affairs, we are exceedingly proud of Jackeima Flemming for representing our university with poise, grace and intelligence, said Verna Rivers, dean of Students Affairs on the Orville E. Kean Campus. As an institution of higher education dedicated to student success and committed to excellence, we stand confident in the University’s ability to produce leaders, innovators, trailblazers and global ambassadors.”  Rivers also expressed her thanks to the student affairs team on both campuses which included: Hedda Finch-Simpson, dean of Student Affairs on the Albert A. Sheen Campus and her staff Jana Austrie,  Orngel Erksine, Trudi Golphin and eight UVI students who traveled with and supported Flemming throughout the competition.  In addition to support from UVI, Flemming also received support and coaching from Cresida Reid and Shayla Solomon.

“We are so proud of Jackeima Flemming,” said Finch-Simpson. “Her intellect and poise were reflected in every segment of the show. The student affairs staff on St. Croix did an amazing job providing our reigning NBCA Queen the much-needed support emotionally, spiritually and technically,” added Finch-Simpson. “The students who traveled with Flemming celebrated and brought our UVI Bucs Pride across the waters and we are grateful for everyone’s support.” 

Jackeima Flemming

The four-day Miss NBCA Hall of Fame queen’s competition schedule consisted of: a Queen’s Welcome tea and orientation, interview and oratory preliminaries, talent preliminaries, “Call to Womanhood Symposium, the Miss NBCA Hall of Fame competition, and a farewell breakfast. 

The focus of competition is to provide great opportunities for young women attending the nation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities and help to better prepare them for the future, as well as gain self-awareness, self-confidence, individual pride, pride for their institution and a greater social awareness overall.  

The National Black College Alumni Hall of Fame Foundation, Inc. hosts the Competition of Black College Queens as part of its Annual NBCA Hall of Fame Weekend. 

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