Fee structure for visiting researchers is shown below. Long term rates are negotiable for use over seven days. Rates for UVI sponsored events or UVI faculty collaboration with outside investigators is discounted 30%. Fuel not included. For the truck and van, vehicle cost includes fuel, driver must be approved and on UVI insurance policy, and no overnight use unless approved by Paul Jobsis.
Please review the following documents prior to use of any of CMES' vehicles/boats.

Important Documents

Important Checklists

Boats and other vehicles 




Full Day (>4hrs)

Half Day (<4hrs)

Fuel Surcharge

Garuppa* 30 ft. 17 ppl max single engine inboard (380 hp) up to $500 $65/hr $40
Depth Perception 28 ft. - 9 ppl max twin engine outboard (225 hpx 2) up to $450 $60/hr $45
Blue Runner
(St Croix)
17 ft - 6 ppl max single engine outboard (150 hp) $45/hr $45/hr N/A
Halimeda 17 ft - 6 ppl Yamaha outboard (90 hp) $35/hr $35/hr N/A
Twin Vee 13 ft. - 4 ppl max single engine outboard (50 hp) $30/hr $30/hr N/A
Silverado Truck 5-6 ppl max 4 Door / 4WD $45/day STT $90/day STJ N/A N/A
Chevrolet Van 15 passengers Must pass test to drive $45/day STT $90/day STJ N/A N/A
* Fuel surcharge for these vessels will be charged according to the zone in which they are used.
Zone 1 (1X Surcharge): Within Brewer's Bay, Flat Key, and Saba
Zone 2 (1.5X Surcharge): Water Islan, Charlotte Amalie Harbor, West End St. Thomas
Zone 3 (2 X Surcharge / 1.5 X One-way): Beyond Zone 2 (St. John, North Side of St Thomas, or more than 3 miles offshore)
Zone 4 (4 X Surcharge / 2 X One-way): St. Croix, British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Culebra/Vieques
Zone 5 ($250): Water sampling St. John (Prokat)
Captain Service: $25/hour


Laboratory fees secure the use of a reasonable amount of both wet and dry laboratory space, the use of lab equipment and common supplies.


1-7 Days

8-28 Days

> 28 Days

Course Instructor/ Principal Investigator $30/day $25/day $20/day
Students/ Research assistants $20/day $15/day $10/day

Tank/Equipment Charges


Daily Rate

Tank - air $8 and $10
Tank - nitrox $10
BC and regulator $20
Rebreather fills - nitrox $30
Rebreather fills - trimix $40
Rebreather use $40
CTD $110
HD Video Camera $30
Hydro-lab $80
CCR $80
YSI-EX011 $150
TriMix RB $100

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