2019 Spring Schedule of Activities

If you have suggestions for workshops or speakers you would like to see or if there are any questions please send us an email at ecs@uvi.edu.

  • Wed Jan 16 - STT Workshop - How to apply to Summer Research Programs, presented by undergraduate senior students
  • Fri Jan 18 - STX Workshop - How to apply to Summer Research Programs, presented by undergraduate senior students
  • Wed Jan 23 - STX Seminar - Chinaemere Igwebuike (UVI alumnus and MD/PhD candidate at Boston Univ) will speak on his research on kidney disease
  • Fri Jan 25 - STT Seminar - Chinaemere Igwebuike (UVI alumnus and MD/PhD candidate at Boston Univ) will speak on his research on kidney disease
  • Jan 31st - Dr. Samantha Kaplan presents information on the Boston Univ Early Medical School Selection Program 1-2pm - room T-213 & EVC 302A
  • Wed Feb 6 - Seminar by visiting scientist Dr. Alvin Holder (Chemistry) from Old Dominion Univ 12pm in T-101
  • Sat Feb 9 - Presentation by Dr. Morsini of UNC Chapel Hill on Alternative Universes
  • Feb 21 to Feb 23- Emerging Researchers National Conference in STEM, Washington DC
  • Feb 23 to March 2nd - Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO) Aquatic Science Meeting, San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • ****Thu Feb 28**** - ECS Program application deadline!

  • Fri April 5 - Seminar -  Visiting Scientist Dr. Barbara Kazimierczak (MD/PhD program director at Yale) will speak on her research on the evolution of bacterial resistance to antibiotics.

2018 Fall Schedule 

Events from previous academic year...

2018 Spring Activities

  • Jan - Workshop: How to apply to summer research programs
  • Feb 28 - ECS Application Deadline
  • Feb 22-24- ERN Conference in STEM, Washington DC - http://new.emerging-researchers.org/ 
  • March - NSBE National Convention
  • April - Ameican Chemical Society National Meeting

Fall 2017 Activities

    • Fri Aug 25 - ABRCMS Travel award application deadline - http://www.abrcms.org/index.php/register/apply-for-a-travel-award 
    • Mon Aug 28 - Seminar: Learn about UVI Faculty Research, B110 on St. Thomas and NWW 103 on St. Croix, 12pm
    • Wed Aug 30 - Presentation on Secrets to applying for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, Marine Science building, 9am
    • Sept 2017 - ***Hurricanes Irma and Maria - activities cancelled ***
    • Fri Nov 10 - Workshop: Writing a personal statement and completing applications to graduate school, 9am-4pm
    • Dec 15 - Workshop: How to find summer research opportunities

2017  Spring Schedule of Activities

  • Wed Jan 11 – Workshop STT: Tips for applying to Summer Programs presented by MARC Scholars, B110, 12-1PM
  • Fri Jan 13 – Workshop STX: Tips for applying to Summer Programs presented by MARC Scholars, EVC 207, 3-4PM
  • Wed Jan 25 - Research Seminar for Comp. Sci and Math majors presented by Dr. Cranos M. Williams, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Director of EnBiSys Research Laboratory at North Carolina State University, 12-1PM, T103 on STT and EVC 713 on STX
  • Fri Jan 27 – Research Seminar for Biology majors presented by Dr. Cranos M. Williams, 12-1PM, B-110 on STT
  • Fri Feb 3 – Research Seminar presented by Dr. David Farb, Professor and Chair, Department of Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics,  Director, NIGMS Program in Bimolecular Pharmacology at Boston University School of Medicine, B110, 12-1PM
  • Wed Feb 8 – Research Seminar presented by Dr. Shellese Cannonier, UVI Alumna just completed her PhD in the field of cancer biology at Vanderbilt University. Shellese was in both the RISE and MARC Programs while at UVI. She graduated with a BS in Biology in 2011. She now has a position as an analyst at Proactive Worldwide, a consulting firm. , B110 on STT, 12-1PM
  • Fri Feb 10 - Presentation by Dr. Shellese Cannonier on St. Croix, in person. Room: RTP 226, Time: 12:00pm
  • Wed Feb 15 - Research Seminar presented by Dr. Ilona Jaspers of UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine, Professor; Departments of Pediatrics, Microbiology & Immunology, and Environmental Science & Engineering, Director; Curriculum in Toxicology, Deputy Director; Center for Environmental Medicine, Asthma & Lung Biology, B110, 12-1PM
  • February 28 - Application deadline for ECS Programs. Click here to go to application form.
  • March 2-4 - 2017 ERN Conference in STEM, Washington DC
  • Mar 29 to Apr 2 - 2017 NSBE 43rd Annual Convention, Kansas City, Missouri
  • April 7 - UVI Research Day
  • Wed April 12- “Neurocomputational Models of Human Learning and Memory and their Applications to Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence” research seminar presented by Visiting Scientist Dr Mark Gluck Professor of Neuroscience at the Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience, Rutgers University – Newark. Rooms: TED 103 (St. Thomas) and Evans Center 713 (St. Croix). Time: 12 p.m.

2016 Fall Schedule of Activities

  • Aug 26 - Visiting Scientist Dr. William Gerwick from Scripps Institution of Oceanography - University of California at San Diego will present a research seminar at 12:00pm in B-110 on St. Thomas and RTP-226 on St. Croix. Title: "The Search for Drugs from the Sea, a Highly Interdisciplinary Undertaking”
  • Aug 31 - Bioinformatics Seminar titled “Gene Identification in Brain Disorders” by visiting faculty Dr. Margit Burmeister from University of Michigan. B-110 and RTP-226 at 12pm
  • Sept 10 - AGMUS Research Symposium, San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Sept 15 - Fall Symposium abstracts and registration deadline
  • Sept 15 - GRE Prep Workshop by Ms. Aimee Sanchez. 12:00pm to 2:00pm in TED-216 on St. Thomas. St. Croix students should contact Dr. Baumann (abauman@uvi.edu) for details about a workshop on St. Croix Campus.
  • Sept 16 - Workshop: How to Apply to graduate school and interview skills by Dr. Verleen McSween in B-110 at 12pm
  • Sept 21 - Workshop: How to give a scientific presentation by Dr. Edwin Cruz-Rivera in B-110 at 12:00pm
  • Sept 25 - 2016 Fall Student Research Symposium
  • Sept 30 - GRE Writing workshop presented by Dr. Teresa Turner. MSC 200 and RTP 226 from 3pm to 5pm
  • Oct 31 - ECS Speaker - Dr. Sarwan Dhir from Fort Valley State Univ in Georgia. Title: IMPACT OF UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH EXPERIENCE A PROVEN PATHWAY FOR GRADUATE PROGRAM. Time: 12:00pm in B-101
  • Nov 1 - Personal Statement Workshop. Participants must prepare a draft and bring a laptop. 9am-3pm in Marine Science Building MSC 200 and EVC 308 on St. Croix
  • Nov 9-13 - ABRCMS Conference
  • Dec 2 - Workshop: How to find summer research programs. Marine Science building on St. Thomas and EVC 302A on St. Croix FROM 1:00PM to 2:00PM

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