About Us

The Student Health Services Center is a holistic facility whose primary responsibility is to provide the University  of the  Virgin Islands (UVI) community with the  most effective and efficient medical expertise through confidential personalized care. We take special care of students, staff and faculty. Whether you have a health emergency, a concern about nutrition, or a bad cold, you can expect excellent care, dispensed by health professionals who are friendly, concerned and accessible. 

We believe in empowering students to take an active and proactive role in their own health and healthcare. The units provide high quality and cost effective health care to faculty, staff and students.  At the University of the Virgin Islands, we provide excellent medical care, sensitive to students' needs and we are there when you need us.  

We work closely with University Counseling Services to assist students in crisis. We collaborate and network with other community organizations to get you the care that you deserve and need. Services are delivered within an atmosphere that fosters mutual respect and confidentiality.


The mission of the Health Services Department of the Division of Student Affairs is to promote a sense of optimum well-being by providing medical assistance, referrals, preventive health education and community awareness to ensure a state of physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual wellness within the University community members.


  • Provide medical support for the healthcare needs of the university's diverse student population while on campus.
  • Promote and maintain the conditions which permit and encourage each individual to realize optimum well-being through physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual wellness.
  • Provide information and guidance to individuals so they can develop healthful attitudes and skills.
  • Promote good health practices and provide primary health care, consultations and referral services within the campus community. 

Hours of Operation

St. Croix Campus

Health Center 
  Monday to Friday
  9AM to 5PM
  (340) 692-4208

Physician Hours
  9 AM - 1 PM

Campus Counselor
Call for an appointment
(340) 692-4187 or email: ptowal@uvi.edu

St. Croix Health Services Center is located up the hill on the first floor of the Great House.


St. Thomas Campus

Health Center
Monday to Friday
9 AM to 5 PM
(340) 693-1124

Physician Hours
1 PM - 4 PM

St. Thomas Health Services is located upstairs the student laundry across form the bookstore parking lot.



Our Services                                                                                                   

  • Acute medical care
  • Glucose and cholesterol testing
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Mental Health Counseling – (St. Croix health Services Only)
  • Disease Process and Prevention Counseling
  • Referrals to off-campus medical providers, clinics or health services providers
  • Health Education
  • Physicals for UVI students, staff and faculty
  • Stress Relief Hour- Mon - Thurs- 5:30 pm -6:30 pm (St. Thomas Campus)
  • Gynecological (GYN) clinic twice monthly (St. Thomas Campus)
  • Vaccines: Skin Test Flu vaccine & Meningococcal vaccine (For a Fee when available)

Physician Services:

  • Diagnose illnesses and injuries and provide treatment.
  • Provide counseling and instruction on all types of health problems.
  • Provide on campus treatment for the University community including writing of prescriptions
  • Refer students/staff and faculty with more complex problems to other health care facilities.

Contact Us

St. Croix Health Services

Mailing Address:

Health Services
University of the Virgin Islands
RR#1 Box 10000
Kingshill, VI, 00850-9781

Email: mdecost@live.uvi.edu
Web: http://www.uvi.edu

Phone: (340) 692-4214
Fax: (340) 692-4225

St. Thomas Health Services

Mailing Address:

Health Services
University of the Virgin Islands
#2 John Brewers Bay
St. Thomas, VI  00802

E-mail: rhatche2@live.uvi.edu
Web: http://www.uvi.edu

Phone: (340) 693-1124
Fax: (340) 693-1211


Health Emergency Procedures

Please refer to the Emergency Preparedness Manual for detail information on Emergency Preparedness