Freshman Studies

Freshman Studies is an innovative alignment of developmental reading and writing courses which links with Science 100 or Social Science 100.  English 100-WAC 011, Writing Across the Curriculum, explores the interdisciplinary context that focuses on essay development, documentation, and the research essay process.   English 101-RCA 021, Reading in the Content Areas, concentrates on conceptual vocabulary enrichment, as well as validated and diverse reading and study strategies.  The process of discovery learning is enhanced through the development of a research paper. The reading and writing processes are reinforced through the simultaneous engagement in either Science 100, The Natural World: The Caribbean, or SSC 100, An Introduction to the Social Sciences:  A Caribbean Focus.  Science 100 explores nature throughout the Caribbean while Social Science 100 examines the cultures of the Caribbean.  These courses create a pioneering foundation for success. 

For more information about Freshman Studies, contact Linda Wymer .