Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)

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Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)

The Mission of the School of Business-EMBA

1. To promote social responsibility and sustainability in the Caribbean region.

2. To provide high quality education to business and academic leaders, and to promote the advancement, understanding and practice of management through applied research, case studies and business projects.

3. To develop awareness of current social, environmental, and cultural issues in all business disciplines.

4. To solve problems in multiple areas, and speak the language of finance, marketing, management, accounting and strategy.

5. To provide practical emphasis whereby students can identify what really works.

6. To provide a collaborative environment.

Program Description
The School of Business-EMBA (SOBEMBA) embraces intellectual diversity and values the inherent cultural and demographic differences that exist within its geographical footprint. As an organization, the SOBEMBA is committed to building and sustaining an environment conducive to maximizing this diversity as a source of intellectual and professional capital and as an incubator of synergy and innovation. The School of Business-EMBA offers a two‐year, full‐time graduate program leading to the degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA).

The EMBA program is designed to meet the diverse educational needs and professional goals of students. The MBA’s rigorous program offers exceptional academic preparation in a cooperative and congenial culture. The curriculum is designed to prepare graduates for competitive challenges of the global marketplace, technological and communication paradigm shifts, and the flexibility to adapt to rapid and abrupt changes in the business environment. The program takes into consideration the unique economic conditions, the social mores, and the cultural needs of the region. UVI’s MBA alumni successfully hold positions as entrepreneurs, government employees in the Caribbean Region and employees of diverse NGOs. These alumni play a key role as change agents in the ever changing economic environment of the Caribbean and the region.

Graduates of the EMBA program are the future business entrepreneurs, managers, and executives of private, governmental and non‐governmental organizations. It is expected that they will assume leadership positions and play pivotal roles in the development of economies, businesses, and international economic relations.

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Dean Dr. Kendra L. Harris
Department Chair Dr. Paul Flemming
Program Coordinator Dr. Paul Flemming
Administrative Assistant Ms. Deanna Blyden