AAS Campus

Career Exploration

How many occupations can you name? Which one is the best one for you? Which one will enable you to lead a satisfying career? These are critical decisions that many college students face. Good career decisions require good information. The CSC can get you started by helping you to identify your skills, aptitudes, values, personality traits and interests as they relate to your career goals. Make an appointment for career counseling, an assessment which helps you understand your work interests, values, abilities, and other factors  which indicates the type of work environments in which you might be most comfortable. In addition, we encourage you to develop professional networks by taking advantage of job shadowing and mentoring opportunities with UVI alumni. Information about the "world of work" is everywhere. Talk to your professors and parents, join clubs and professional organizations as these personal contacts can be extremely valuable. The key to remember is that good research can lead to more satisfying career decisions.

Our Resources:

  • The CSC has resource materials including the Occupational Outlook Handbook, to assist you in making career choice decisions.
  • Individual Career counseling sessions are available by appointment to meet with the Career Counselor. Students are guided through a process of self assessment, exploration and research, experiential learning and informed decision-making.
  • Connect with UVI alumni who have volunteered to be resources to students for career information, shadowing, or networking.