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Pathways to Greatness - President's Message

Administrative Offices


I am honored to have the distinct privilege of introducing you to Pathways to Greatness - the University of the Virgin Islands strategic plan for the period 2012-2017. I am thankful for the opportunity to be at such a place for such a time as this - a time when we celebrate our past and take decisive actions to create our future.

Pathways to Greatness is a dynamic living document that chronicles the path that this University will traverse on the road to greatness. We are building on the successes of the past and will use our best efforts to carve these projected achievements outlined in this plan on the mountains of hope that guard our future. I urge you to join us on this journey whether as a student, faculty, staff, administrator, board member, community member, alumni, or patron of the University.

UVI is a special place; a destination University where lives are transformed, talents groomed, and where diamonds in the rough become shining gems of success. As this new strategic plan unfurls, we welcome your support and commitment. We hope that this plan will inspire you to dream of UVI in a place of greatness. May it also encourage you to create a special place in your heart for this University - a place that inspires you to dream with us and commit your resources, of whatever kind, to improve higher educational opportunities for students in the Virgin Islands and the world.

Thank you for being a partner with UVI as together we travel the path to greatness.


David Hall