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Strategic Plan 2017 is estimated to cost $21.3M (plus the $18M remaining cost for four major buildings - science complex - STT, multi-purpose building - STX, and conference facilities - Sugden property - STX) over the next five years. In keeping with the University's approach to linking resource allocations to the strategic plan, Strategic Plan 2017 will be funded through four specific avenues. The first is by regular requests to the University Budget Committee to fund the annual work plans of the University, which represent the strategic actions of the Plan. The second is by managing existing resources well and making data-informed decisions to repurpose resources to the Strategic Plan. The third is by growing enrollment and attracting more out-of-territory students through the offering of online programs and the development of more articulation agreements with regional institutions among others. And the fourth is by developing additional revenue streams through entrepreneurial activities, mission-focused grant funding, public-private partnerships, and philanthropic support. As the economy improves over the next three to five years, the University will use its best efforts to restore funding from the Government of the Virgin Islands to its 2009 level and strategically position the institution as a pillar of economic strength for the Territory. Strategic Plan 2017 will be assessed annually and progress reports will be provided to the University's Board of Trustees and the University community three times per year. This plan recognizes the role of the University and demonstrates our commitment to our students, territory, and the wider Caribbean.