The UVI Senate plays a pivotal role in the institution's decision-making process. The UVI Senate shall provide broad based advice to the President and Cabinet on a broad range of issues including budgets, educational programs and standards, personnel policies, University community issues, strategic plans, facilities management and operation, and policies respecting faculty, staff and student as appropriate. The broad charge brings virtually all campus policy matters within the purview of the UVI Senate except those areas of responsibility delineated by the bylaws of the respective stakeholder group. Advisory to the President, the UVI Senate may pass recommendations on a wide range of issues. The faculty association, staff council, and student government association are advocates for their respective constituencies.


The membership of the UVI Senate includes twelve (12) representatives from the following three UVI constituent groups (i.e., faculty, staff, and students): four (4) faculty representatives (elected by the Faculty Association), four (4) staff representatives (elected by the Staff Council), four (4) student representatives (elected by the Student Government Association(s)), and the UVI Cabinet. The President and Cabinet shall serve as exofficio, nonvoting members of the Senate. 

AY 2015-16 Members

Voting Senators Ex-officio Senators
Raquel Silver - Chair David Hall
Maria Fleming Camille McKayle
Cherie Wheatley Tina Koopmans
Dayle Barry Shirley Lake-King
Paul Flemming Mitchell Neaves
Lois Sanders Haldane Davies
Patricia Harkens-Pierre Frank Mills
Donna Nemeth Una Dyer
SGA rep - STX (to be announced) Verna Rivers
SGA rep - STX (to be announced) Stephan Moore
SGA rep - STT (to be announced) Nereida Washington
SGA rep - STT (to be announced)

Approved Meeting Minutes

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