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Social Sciences Department Relocating Several Offices

The Social Sciences Department is in the process of vacating the Social Sciences Building on the St. Thomas Campus due to plans for renovation.

The following personnel have already been relocated to the Campus Executive Administrator’s Office in the Administration and Conference Center: Dr. Simon B. Jones-Hendrickson; Dr. Dion E. Phillips; and Dian Gréaux-Levons.

The following professors have been relocated to the third floor of the Roupp Building (where Student Counseling and Placement is housed): Dr. Kathleen Dudemaine; Dr. Aracelis Francis; and Attorney Nandi Sekou.

All faculty members of the Social Sciences Building will ultimately be relocated to various buildings on campus within the next few weeks. The telephone extensions and fax numbers of relocated personnel will remain the same. However, it might take a week or two after the move to have lines activated. If phone access is not available, email contact is encouraged. For more information please contact Dian Gréaux-Levons at (340) 693-1260 or send email to