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Apple HBCU Scholars Program Expands Eligibility

The Apple HBCU Scholars Program has expanded their eligibility field for scholarships to include students in a wider group of academic areas.  The program now invites students majoring in business, public relations and communications to apply.  These students will be considered for roles in product marketing, business affairs, developer relations and public relations .The program is also now accepted applications from students currently in their second-to-last year of study. This means in addition to juniors, Apple will now accept seniors pursuing a fifth year of study. An Apple HBCU Scholar should be in their second-to-last year of study and be graduating in May or June of 2017. Apple HBCU scholars may:

  • Be awarded up to a $25,000 scholarship for their senior year of study
  • Participate in a summer internship with Apple in Cupertino, California
  • Participate in a year-round development program to prepare for post-graduation careers
  • Be paired with an Apple employee mentor during their senior year
  • Serve as Ambassadors on their HBCU campuses to build awareness for the Apple and Thurgood Marshall College Fund Diversity Initiative
  • Participate in the Apple HBCU Immersion experience in Cupertino, California during the spring of 2016

The deadline is Friday, Sept 18. All interested students can apply at this link:

For more information contact Amy Sanchez at