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UVI Security Department Announces Procedures for Holiday Recess

UVI Chief of Security Theodore Glasford asks that during the Christmas break the University’s St. Thomas Campus remain closed. The security team will be asked to secure all areas during this time. Should any one require a classroom, office, etc. opened, a request should be made directly to chief Glasford. It must be submitted by department heads granting permission to enter secured areas. Additionally, if anyone wishes to leave any vehicles unattended on campus, an email requesting approval must also be submitted to Chief Glasford. The Security Department will not be held responsible for any unattended vehicles. The email must provide details of the vehicle as well as where it is parked. No vehicles should be left on campus without permission from the security department.

All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to comply with the parking policy by completing the online vehicle registration form in Banner using the following steps.  

1. Sign on to

2. Select the BanWeb icon on the Quick Launch Navigation window on the left hand side of the page.

3. Complete the required vehicle registration information.  

4. Collect the parking permit from the Security Department.

The following documents are required for the issuance of a parking permit: original vehicle registration, driver’s license and UVI identification.

Contact the Security Department for further inquiries regarding the parking policy at (340) 693-1530  on the St. Thomas Campus.