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UVI Alumni to Join Recruiting Effort Through DART Program

Dedicated Alumni Recruitment Teams leader Jaedee Caines

The University of the Virgin Islands and its alumni have joined forces to increase new student enrollment with the launch of the Dedicated Alumni Recruitment Team (DART) program. This program will allow alumni recruitment leaders to share the best attributes of their alma mater with prospective students at recruitment events, such as high school visits, college fairs, community events, and other activities geared toward college awareness and admission.

“In order to enhance the University’s ability to attract students, we have decided to expand our reach through partnering with dynamic alums, who represent the institution in a vibrant manner,” said UVI Vice Provost for Access and Enrollment Services Dr. Nicole Gibbs. “The goal is to ensure that we fully maximize opportunities to promote and educate persons on programs and student life at the University,” she said. “It is our hope that, as a result of this newly formed team, we are able to attract and enroll a greater number of students from each alum’s respective location.”

“This is the first time in UVI’s history that a recruitment team consisting of alumni has been brought together for the purpose of sharing the UVI experience with prospective students,” said UVI Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Affairs Linda Smith. “Alumni are best in telling their stories of both acquiring a quality education from their alma mater and sharing their UVI experience.”

The  are situated in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, Antigua, St. Maarten and Anguilla.  The heads of these teams include:

  • Anguilla:  Timothy Hodge, 1992
  • Antigua:  Marion Byron, 1991
  • Nevis:  Jaedee Caines, 2010
  • St. Kitts:  St. Clair Hodge, 2010
  • St. Maarten: Aisha J. Mussington-Weathered,  2008

To become a DART leader, a UVI alum must demonstrate a willingness to connect with prospective students who are interested in pursuing a degree, attend and represent UVI at recruitment fairs and events, and assist in the ongoing promotion of the institution’s alumni agenda throughout their communities. 

Each member of DART must complete all training sessions as mandated by UVI. Smith said the alumni recruiters will be highly trained to assist with the admissions process, including completion and submittal of applications, assistance with the subsequent steps that lead to enrollment and providing other recruitment-related initiatives. Upon completion of training, each member will receive an official certification and letter of acknowledgment from UVI’s President David Hall. Each member will then be formally introduced to their community as an official UVI alumni recruiter.

 As part of the institution’s recruitment efforts, alumni are encouraged to participate in this program by contacting Smith at or by calling (340) 692-4023 or UVI Director of Admissions and Recruitment Dr. Xuri Maurice Allen at or at (340) 693-1224.