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Peer Counselors

The Peer Counseling program provides assistance to students who may experience the "routine" academic and personal stress and strains of college life. Recognizing that students in similar "peer groups" greatly influence each other, trained peer counselors serve as a comfortable "helping resource." Student peer counselors serve as a greater means of "outreach" to the larger student population for the Counseling and Placement Office. On-going training sessions are developed to keep peer counselors skills up-to-date.

What Do Peer Counselors Do?
Peer Counselors develop and implement a variety of activities during the academic year. Many of these activities include:

  • Participation in new student orientation
  • Conducting student "rap sessions
  • Assisting students with common college life adjustments
  • Participation in community services outreach projects
  • Making appropriate referrals for students when greater assistance is needed

How Do I Become a Peer Counselor?
Students interested in becoming a Peer Counselor may apply at any student activity fair. The may also visit and apply anytime during the academic year at Counseling Services on the St. Croix or St. Thomas Campus. In addition to submitting a complete application, candidates are interviewed by a Selection Committee which recommends candidates for participation in the program. Successful candidates are then invited to attend and complete a mandatory intensive training. Topics covered in the training include:

  • Bias Awareness Training
  • Effective Listening Skills
  • Spirituality and Life Coaching in Counseling
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Anger Management
  • Career Exploration
  • Dating Violence
  • Self Esteem
  • Group Role Plays
  • Recognizing Signs for Crisis Intervention

Students are evaluated by their peers and advisors of the group.  For more information about UVI Peer Counselors program, contact:

St. Croix Campus:

St. Thomas Campus: