St Thomas Student Activities - Student Government

Student involvement and participation in the governance of the University of the Virgin Islands are provided through representation on the UVI Board of Trustees, membership on the UVI Senate, election/appointment to the Student Government Association (SGA) and membership on UVI standing committees. Student assignment to UVI standing committees and SGA standing committees are done through the SGA.

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The SGA is continually growing as a viable part of University life. SGA is concerned with improving the quality of student life through its many communication channels. SGA is recognized as the official representative of the student body and assists students by: 

  • Providing opportunities for each student to participate in activities which develop and realize individual potentialities and leadership skills. 
  • Aiding in a meaningful interpretation of the concept of the “University Community”.

All students who have paid the $20.00 Student Government Association fee are automatically members of the SGA. The Student Government Association’s governing body consists of the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch. The Executive Branch is composed of the Executive Body and the Executive Cabinet. The Student Council comprises the Legislative Branch.

Executive Body

President Raven Phillips
Vice President Nigencia James
Treasurer Hilrianna Chooran

The Legislative Branch or Student Council

Senior Senator Alexandria Baly-Stanford
Senior Senator Torhera Durand
Junior Senator Sherkquan Henry
Junior Senator Kenique Liburd
Sophomore Senator
Sophomore Senator
Freshman Senator
Freshman Senator
Freshman Senator 


Student Trustee: By act #5360 Bill #17-0194, the Legislature of the Virgin Islands provided for "student and faculty participation on the Board of Trustees of the University of the Virgin Islands" effective September 1, 1988. Students from both campuses participate in the election process which is conducted annually. With respect to accommodating both campuses, this position alternates between campuses every academic school year.

The student trustee must be:

  • A resident of the Virgin Islands
  • Enrolled full-time
  • In good academic standing
  • A junior or senior
  • Elected alternately from each campus

2017-2018 Student Representative to the Board of Trustees Elect: Mr. Amiel Brown